MARCH NEWS 2016: I have been naughty - with the last post made here in October last year. Therefore, a long Easter weekend gives me a perfect opportunity to write some summaries as well as to update you on a few news items. First of all, Fear of Disappearance has successfully finished its funding period, with Arts Council report submitted at the start of the year. The book on the project is far from being closed though - the artist edition has been recently shown by the bookRoom Press in Leeds at the 19th International Contemporary Artists' Book Fair at The Tetley and is next to appear with bookRoom in Barcelona (updates to follow here), the zine has received a very nice and unexpected review by Christer Ek at his photo blog on photography and books, while the book sculpture is to be exhibited next at Brighton Phoenix as part of Stories about Stories exhibition taking place 30th of April to 12th of June, with Opening Night on the 29th of April (6-8pm).

Outside of the project, it was great fun presenting alongside talented photographers working in very diverse genres of photo-medium in front of a very warm audience at The Croydon Photography Forum - International Women's Day Edition organised by the Lenses of Croydon, with the discussion going well into Tuesday night. The biggest news of the month though, in terms of longitude of wait I suppose, is the release of ROAD, publication by Preto Collective, now available to order here. The series that are featured as part of my contribution were shot last April in Poland, and it is very exciting to see the the work of my friend Elisabetta Del Giudice also featured here, with some night-time shots taken in London  while we were killing time before my plane to Poland (Elisabetta also appeared as the person in front of my lens in Fear of Disappearance series).

ROAD is introduced by a wonderful text by the UK based poet Zelda Chappel and is a labour of love edited by Portuguese photographer and editor Fabio M Roque and Dutch photobook artist Peter Oey.

Meanwhile, new work is in the works, with my small contribution to currently ongoing residency at OVADA in Oxford by the artists of Warrior Studios, while I collaborate with my partner Che Kevlin on a new video sculpture to be ready to commission and exhibit starting from mid-May. That's all for now. Wishing all a long, well deserved bank holiday weekend  as well as happy Nowruz, Purim, and Western Easter, may the Spring begin soon.